Platinum rings

The platinum ring collection of Purezza del Platino*

A pure and timeless symbiosis forged between nature and contemporary design

"The purity and elegance of the Purezza del Platino men's ring and wedding ring is a captivating paradox as it expresses the refined simplicity and timeless beauty that we see reflected in the natural roundness of mother nature as well as in sleek and modern Italian design. With the spirit and the traditions of my Native American ancestors shining through, the Purezza del Platino ring creates a highly contemporary statement of quality and style just for you…"


- Zhaawano Giizhik, jeweler/designer

Platinum men's ring Semplicità e Purezza

Il Disegno della Purezza
The platinum ring

Palladium men's ring Luce della Luna

La Luce della Luna
The palladium ring

Platinum wedding rings collection Il Amore Infinito

Il Amore Infinito
The platinum wedding ring

Palladium wedding ring collection Il Mistero della Vita

Il Mistero della Vita
The palladium wedding ring

Purezza del Platino rings and the beauty of minimalist design

The jewelers of Purezza del Platino create the perfect ring for you. Each platinum and palladium ring that leaves our workbench reflects our philosophy that beauty often resides in the use of simple, well-executed designs and the purest and most precious of metals. Purezza del Platino designer rings are fully customizable to reflect your personal style and taste. Whether you choose a personal men's ring or an engagement ring or wedding band from the Il Disegno della Purezza, La Luce della Luna, Il Amore Infinito, or the Il Mistero della Vita Collections, the possibilities are endless. Contact the studio for design possiblilites and prices or visit the Dutch website to view our collections of platinum and palladium rings.

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