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Placing an order with Zhaawano is easy!

To place your order or to learn more about shipment and pricing of our Native American-inspired jewelry and wedding rings and clan rings, please review the order options below. The prices on this website are given in Canadian dollars (CAD), American dollars (USD), and Euros.


All given prices of jewelry, wedding rings, and clan rings are indicative only and depend on the current prices of gold and/or precious stones, and the current EURO-DOLLAR exchange rates – and therefore subject to change.


Please note: Payment for orders is due when placing an order. If you have questions, please feel fee to contact us.

To place your wedding or clan ring or jewelry order or to learn more about shipment and pricing, please review the order options below. 


Zhaawano’s jeweler's studio offers a unique exhibition of an ever growing collection of over 150 one-of-a-kind- pieces, each and every one handcraftedby the artist. All jewelry pieces are individually handcrafted and most are made to order. Click here to make an appointment to meet the artist and visit his studio-by-appointment.


PLEASE NOTE: Payment for orders is due when placing an order.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

How to order wedding rings and jewelry

If you are interested in purchasing wedding rings, a clan ring, or a piece of jewelry you have several options:

  • Fill in the inquiry/order form and indicate your choice; be as specific as you can.
  • Describe the piece(s) of your choice over the phone;
  • Make an appointment to come by the studio by email, or by telephone: (0031)(0)683679919;
  • Send the jeweler a message through his Facebook page.  
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Payment terms jewelry

Zhaawano’s pieces are individually handcrafted and made to order. Orders are finalized by making a down payment, which is roughly 1/2 of the selling-price in case you come by the studio to place the order. However, if you should order by email, over the phone, or through the contact form, the full amount (plus any postal charges) must be paid in advance.



The required amount – a down payment or the total sum - must be transferred to Zhaawano’s bank account. If you decide to stop by a cash payment or credit card will do.


Orders placed by email, telephone, fax, or contact form will, under normal circumstances, be confirmed by email within one, or three business days maximum.


It is possible to pay online by credit card. Direct payment through Zhaawano’s bank or through his PayPal account is, however, preferred.


If the date of payment surpasses the statutory limit of 30 days, interest will be charged at 10 percent per month. In addition, all judicial and extrajudicial collection costs will be charged to customer. 

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ING BANK, IBAN no. NL 37 INGB 0007 8658 60 
to the account of: 
La Mesa Verde, Messinastraat 38b AMSTERDAM, 
Payments from countries outside the EU can be made through this PayPal address
or via an international bank transfer.


International bank account number:


IBAN nr.: NL37 INGB 0007865860
Swift Code (BIC): INGBNL2A


Bank address: ING bank NV - PO box 1800 - 1000 BV AMSTERDAM


Payments from countries outside the EU can be made through the following PayPal address: zhaawano@gmail.com. Please note that the price of the jewelry ordered is subject to a 5.9% additional charge if a credit card is used or if the amount is transferred through PayPal; if transferred directly to the bank account of the studio in the Netherlands, no extra charges are applied.

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Terms and costs of delivery of jewelry

Wedding rings, clan rings, and jewelry created by Zhaawano will be shipped from the The Netherlands.


Standard shipping method on all international orders is FedEx Priority mail shipping. This method includes insurance, tracking information, and reliable delivery projections.


Please keep in mind that there are prohibitions on the import of jewelry and wedding rings. We ask that you inquire about these issues within your country prior to purchase. Coverage of all import fees, customs, duties, and taxes will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.


An order is official as soon as the customer has wired the total amount (shipping costs included) of the jewelry ordered, either directly to Zhaawano's bank account or his PayPal account. Hereupon the customer will receive a payment confirmation by email and the jewelry or wedding rings will be shipped to him/her within the agreed delivery period.


Wedding ring and jewelry orders may take up to 6 weeks because of the customization of the products; as a rule, the jewelry of your choice will be delivered within 5 or 6 weeks after the required payment has been received. The ordered item(s) will be forwarded to your address by insured and registered mail; or you yourself may pick it up at the studio.


Shipment in the Netherlands: in case the jewelry is forwarded in the Netherlands postage costs of 27 Euro will be charged. The remainder of the price increased by the postal charges must be credited to Zhaawano's bank account or PayPal account within 14 days of delivery.


Shipment to another country inside the EU: 37 Euro. 


Shipment to a country outside the EU: approximately 90 USD or its equivalent in another currency.

Please note that persons who hold a Canadian First Nations status card and live and work on their reserve are generally tax exempt. 

Wedding and clan ring sizing information

When ordering, make sure to mention the exact size(s) of the (wedding or clan) band(s) of your choice.

Please note that professional sizing methods are more reliable and accurate than online or at-home methods. Professional sizing can be done at a local, reputable jeweler.


It is important to take into account the width of your band as wider bands typically require a larger size to fit comfortably. It is therefore always best to be sized with a ring sizer (a jeweler's wedding band gauge) of the same width as that of the ring you intend to purchase.


Please note that in case the ring size or sizes relayed by the customer to the jeweler turn(s) out to be inaccurate or no longer up-todate on delivery, all costs for resizing the ring(s) or making new ring(s) will be entirely for the customer's account.
CUSTOMER PRIVACY: Customer names, address, email address, phone number, and credit card information are held strictly private and not shared or sold.

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