Spirits from the Land of Turtle and Crane

Native American-inspired designer jewelry meets ancient Woodland tradition

ZhaawanArt Fisher Star Creations offers you one-of-a-kind, highly finished contemporary Native American-inspired jewelry designs of recycled, Eco-friendly 14/18K gold and sterling silver, titanium, and precious stones, blending a proud Native American-Ojibwe heritage with original artistry and long-lived craftsmanship. Please click on the images or the red buttons below to enter the jewelry menus of your choice. Most jewelry you find on the website are made-to-order; any desired piece can be made to fit your personal needs or requirements.




"I am Zhaawano Giizhik. I'm an artist working in the Native Woodland art tradition. I make graphic art and jewelry but am a storyteller first and foremost. I have managed to assemble a fairly big jewelry collection throughout the years. To me the pieces are living beings. I call them talking pieces. They talk, I listen. They speak of many stories and all I have to do is write them down."



Ancient spirit writings rendered into precious metal and stone

With the ancient legends of his Ojibwe Anishinaabe ancestors and their spirit of wisdom and creativity shining through, Woodland Art jeweler/goldsmith Zhaawano creates a highly contemporary statement of quality and style just for you!

Through his unique jewelry collection named Spirits from the Land of Turtle and Crane, goldsmith/jewelry designer Zhaawano Giizhik introduces a unique synthesis in jewelry making by amalgamating the famous American Southwest and its variety of traditional and contemporary Native silversmithing techniques with an entirely different world much farther to the north: that of his own Native ancestors, the Ojibwe Anishinaabeg of the Great lakes area. 

Many of of Zhaawano's jewelry pieces are modern storyteller mediums reminiscent of the contemporary pictographic style of the Canadian Medicine Painters, which on their turn are based on the old Anishinaabe spirit writings (rock paintings and pictographs on birch bark scrolls). Basically all of Zhaawano's graphic and colorful designs in gold, platinum, silver, and stones disclose a myriad of traditional stories; silent tales carried by countless ancient Algonkian lips, their whispered magic blending with the music of Gichigami (Lake Superior) and washed ashore by its tidal waves since time immemorial...

This unique concept of capturing the spirit of the northern Land Of Many lakes in precious metal and those characteristic blue gems of the southern desert is even more unusual considering that Zhaawano's ancestors, a numerous and widely scattered people of Algonkin-speaking dwellers of forests and riverbanks and lakes, have never had the precious metal working tradition that the Dineh and the Hopi and other Pueblo Nations from the Southwest have - something that brought them absolute world fame.

So, although it is certainly true that the cradle of Zhaawano's jewelry art stands in the Four Corners area of the American Southwest, the soul of his work has always been firmly rooted in the northerly land of many lakes, fed by the magic stories and lessons and songs of his ancestors and the spirit drawings that they left on the rocks and cliffs lining the freshwater lakes' shorelines of Michigan and Ontario.

Click on the above images and experience the Anishinaabe heart and soul in Zhaawano's collections of Native American jewelry!

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