Dawn of the Three Fires

- A reproduction printed on canvas -

Welcome to a new line of reproductions of Zhaawano Giizhik's best paintings. The reproductions are printed on canvas and available in various sizes. We ship canvas Prints to the UK, USA, Canada, and countries within the EU.


The canvases are signed with the artist's name written in Ojibwe syllabics

Do our canvas prints require a frame?

Generally speaking, paper prints need a frame and a glass plate for hanging and preservation. This includes giclée prints, original prints, and photo prints. Our canvas prints, however, are beautiful enough by themselves and ready to hang on your wall.

What makes an unframed canvas so attractive

Unframed canvases are a pretty recent addition to the wall art scene. The reason why they're so popular may be that they, hanging from a blank wall, make the art the center of attention.

The frames that can be ordered with a canvas come in three colors and can be used as a traditional frame, or, when reversed, as a floating (box) frame.



23.622x15.748 in (60x40 cm)

29.5276x19.685 in (75x50 cm)

39.3701x29.5276 in (100x75 cm)

Item numbers:

DAWN-PW-60-40-UNFR (23.622x15.748 in (60x40 cm)) unframed)

DAWN-PW-75-50-UNFR (29.5276x19.685 in (75x50 cm)) unframed)

DAWN-PW-100-75-UNFR (39.3701x29.5276 in (100x75 cm)) unframed)

DAWN-PW-60-40-WOODFR (23.622x15.748 in (60x40 cm)) wood framed)

DAWN-PW-75-50-WOODFR (29.5276x19.685 in (75x50 cm)) wood framed)

DAWN-PW-100-75-WOODFR (39.3701x29.5276 in (100x75 cm)) wood framed)

DAWN-PW-60-40-BFRAME (23.622x15.748 in (60x40 cm)) black framed)

DAWN-PW-100-75-BFRAME (39.3701x29.5276 in (100x75 cm)) black framed)

DAWN-PW-60-40-WFR (23.622x15.748 in (60x40 cm)) white framed)

DAWN-PW-75-50-WFR (29.5276x19.685 in (75x50 cm)) white framed)

DAWN-PW-100-75-WFR (39.3701x29.5276 in (100x75 cm)) white framed)


Payment through WISE:

DAWN-PW-60-40-UNFR: 132.00 USD/180.00 CAD/125,00 EUR 

DAWN-PW-75-50-UNFR: 299.00 USD/407.00 CAD/283,00 EUR

DAWN-PW-100-75-UNFR: 349.00 USD/475.00 CAD/330,00 EUR  

DAWN-PW-60-40-WOODFR: 219.00 USD/299.00CAD/208,00 EUR

DAWN-PW-75-50-WOODFR: 386.00 USD/526.00 CAD/366,00 EUR

DAWN-PW-100-75-WOODFR: 448.00 USD/610.00 CAD/424,00 EUR  

DAWN-PW-60-40-BFRAME: 219.00 USD/299.00 CAD/208,00 EUR 

DAWN-PW-75-50-BFRAME: 386.00 USD/ 526.00 CAD/366,00 EUR 

DAWN-PW-100-75-BFRAME: 448.00 USD/610.00 CAD/424,00 EUR  

DAWN-PW-60-40-WFR: 219.00 USD/299.00CAD/208,00 EUR    

DAWN-PW-75-50-WFR: 386.00 USD/ 526.00 CAD/366,00 EUR 

DAWN-PW-100-75-WFR: 448.00 USD/610.00 CAD/424,00 EUR  

Direct bank-to-bank payment:

DAWN-PW-60-40-UNFR: 132.00 USD/180.00 CAD/125,00 EUR 

DAWN-PW-75-50-UNFR: 299.00 USD/407.00 CAD/283,00 EUR

DAWN-PW-60-40-WOODFR: 219.00 USD/299.00 CAD/208,00 EUR 

DAWN-PW-75-50-WOODFR: 386.00 USD/ 526.00 CAD/366,00 EUR  

DAWN-PW-100-75-WOODFR: 448.00 USD/610.00 CAD/424,00 EUR   

DAWN-PW-60-40-BFRAME: 219.00 USD/299.00CAD/208,00 EUR   

DAWN-PW-75-50-BFRAME: 386.00 USD/ 526.00 CAD/366,00 EUR  

DAWN-PW-100-75-BFRAME: 448.00 USD/610.00 CAD/424,00 EUR   

DAWN-PW-75-50-WFR: 386.00 USD/ 526.00 CAD/366,00 EUR  

DAWN-PW-100-75-WFR: 448.00 USD/610.00 CAD/424,00 EUR   

Payment through PayPal:

DAWN-PW-60-40-UNFR: 140.00 USD/191.00 CAD/132,00 EUR

DAWN-PW-75-50-UNFR: 317.00 USD/431.00 CAD/300,00 EUR

DAWN-PW-100-75-UNFR: 370.00 USD/503.00 CAD/350,00 EUR 

DAWN-PW-75-50-WOODFR: 409.00 USD/557.00 CAD/356,00 EUR 

DAWN-PW-100-75-WOODFR: 475.00 USD/647.00 CAD/459,00 EUR 

DAWN-PW-75-50-BFRAME: 409.00 USD/557.00 CAD/356,00 EUR  

DAWN-PW-100-75-BFRAME: 475.00 USD/647.00 CAD/459,00 EUR  

DAWN-PW-60-40-WFR: 232.00 USD/317.00 CAD/220,00 EUR   

DAWN-PW-75-50-WFR: 409.00 USD/557.00 CAD/356,00 EUR   

DAWN-PW-100-75-WFR: 475.00 USD/647.00 CAD/459,00 EUR 


*The above prices are indicative and depend on the current rates of exchange of Euros to USD and CAD.


NOTE: When ordering please mention the item number(s), your shipping address and phone number, and the payment method of your choice (WISE, direct bank transfer, or PayPal).